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Welcome to the website where you are encouraged and empowered to work efficiently and effectively from essentially anywhere in the world!

Our world has basically become one BIG city because of the Internet. Not only did this advancement open up new possibilities, but more importantly, opportunities. Perhaps you may be thinking about starting a home business or working remotely with the freedom of being a freelancer? Whether you’re searching for a 2nd source of income or simply want to work independently, this highly beneficial book is guaranteed to      help you succeed

Enjoy the Freedom that Comes With Success Working from home is quickly becoming the norm in American society and across the world. In fact, recent reports reflect that almost half of American workers are doing their jobs from home, either on a part-time or full-time basis.

It is important to realize and consider that you may be easily tempted by to procrastinate, or even be a bit lazy when presented with this newfound freedom. Although many people prefer working remotely because of the freedom — you must also work responsibly. Not everyone knows how to handle working independently, and consequently that can lead to a constant loss of focus and being unproductive. However, the inspiring information in my book will certainly help prevent that from happening!


After an intensive and extensive study on the subject, we have made our book available for you here to help see you through the challenges. This book will serve as a guide to navigate your unique pathway to success!


The content of our book is carefully crafted to guide you on your journey to working successfully from wherever you may choose. You’ll also learn more about setting goals and reaching them! Another appealing aspect of working this way is that YOU can conveniently decide when you work and for how long. Now doesn’t that sound nice?

Break Away from the Rat Race
A Blank Canvas of Opportunity Awaits Now it might be true that many other books have been written about how to work from home. But, none of them provide the right balance of essential information and priceless advice, like ours does. Plus, it’s affordable and well-made. So, it’s sure to endure as your helpful guide for years and years, wherever you’re headed to work!

Furthermore, we offer a 30-minute Consultation Service to our clients for a closer look at the best options to explore. In fact, our fair consultation fee should be affordable for anybody. Please feel free to contact us for additional details.

Work from Anywhere Answers Your Questions


Tom Dunlap

Tom Dunlap is a seasoned and accomplished multi-lingual real estate broker with more than 18 years’ experience.  While his typical practice is the sale of luxury homes, he has helped clients purchase and sell homes ranging from “modest” to “mansions.”

Through the years, Tom has learned that while some aspects of a real estate practice must be done in person, much can be accomplished from home with just a telephone and a computer – and living in an office isn’t necessary. He’s conducted business while on vacation in foreign countries, while visiting friends in the mountains, and while boating on the waters off San Diego.

Tom’s adventures in both real estate and his earlier career as an attorney have put him in contact with dozens of “solopreneurs” – folks who have carved out a niche for themselves and are running a business from wherever they happen to be – whether it’s at home or any other place on earth with an Internet connection. Some run entirely Internet-based businesses and others are freelancers who connect with clients via the Internet and e-mail.

He has since made a study of what makes some successful while others tell stories of their failed attempts. In his book, “Work from Anywhere,” he shares advice gleaned from both his own experience and the results of this study.

Tom lives in San Diego with his partner of 20 years and their energetic 13-year-old daughter. While he relishes all kinds of travel abroad that gives him the ability to enjoy a variety of cultures, foods, and new experiences, most of his free time is spent in the mountains and either in or under the water … preferably on an island.